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Welcome to the world of smart, simple, secure payment solutions where you can provide more of what your customers need while increasing your revenue streams. Sphere is leading the evolution in integrated payment solutions by making it easier to securely connect with customers and enable payment processing across multiple channels.

With Sphere, you have a comprehensive, single source of end-to-end, highly scalable, rapidly deployable ecommerce solutions that integrate across industry ecosystems.  Customize a solution that works how your customers work and experience the beauty of a seamless integration. It all equals less churn and more earn. That’s the Sphere difference. To learn more, watch the video.

Benefits of Partnering with Sphere

Increased Revenue Capabilities

Sphere is the win/win solution that helps you retain customers and connect with new ones, so you can grow your revenue stream in a snap.  Rapidly deployable, highly scalable, seamlessly integrated, Sphere’s end-to-end payments solutions are designed to grow with your customers.

Minimized PCI Scope

You don’t have to become a payments and compliance expert. You just have to partner with one.  With Sphere you can increase revenues by adding payments to your app AND make compliance a priority. Our expert and robust solutions are designed to meet the requirements of the guidelines and reduce your risk by keeping sensitive card data off your servers and networks.

With Sphere's hosted omni-channel payments suite for software vendors, you can enable payments from many channels with a simple integration. Using a hosted model, sensitive payment data stays out of your environment, reducing PCI scope. 

Frictionless Onboarding

Sphere’s web-based onboarding process allows your clients to easily set up merchant accounts so they can hit the ground running. Our automated application is easy to fill out, reduces abandonment, prepopulates known information about your customers and defaults common data which makes for a greater user experience and reduces human errors.

Expert Customer Service

Sphere’s dedicated customer service provides partners with immediate answers when you need them most 24/7/365. We provide expertise across verticals for an exceptional customer experience and complete satisfaction.

Leading Edge Security and Technology

Powered by TrustCommerce, our partners benefit from innovative technology and rigorous security that keeps payments and customer data safe from point to point with the most advanced encryption solutions.

Processor Agnostic

With access to all major processors through a single Sphere integration, you can support payment processing for your clients regardless of which processor they use and drive even more revenue by including Sphere processing services in your software.

Industries we serve

  • Healthcare
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Insurance
  • Municipalities
  • Non Profit
  • Small business
  • Other vertical


We put the value in the ISV partnership

Think turn key. Think Proven. Think Sphere. No other platform gives you more choices and opportunities for instant revenue. Our ISV partners are instantly backed by the most trusted brand in secure payment processing. With our integrated, comprehensive solutions, you become a one-stop shop for merchants and can provide simple, safe and secure ways to pay across all channels.

We provide best-in-class customer and account management support to keep your customers happy. When customers are happy, word travels fast and we keep the solutions coming to help you attract a diversified portfolio of new business. We can all find value in that.

Collect your share of the revenue and barely lift a finger

You instantly connect your customers with the most comprehensive, secure, end-to-end payment processing solutions. You also leverage the credibility of the Sphere name to connect with more and more customers. And the best part is, when we set your client's account, billing and ongoing support, you get paid for just making that connection.

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