Simple, Secure Omni-Channel Payments For Retail

Flexible, integrated payment processing solutions that are processor agnostic and supported by dedicated account executives.

Flexible Payment Options

We have solutions for businesses interacting with customers in any sales environment. We offer multiple payment options to give your customers the flexibility to pay in the way that they prefer.


For websites or digital


At terminals or point-of-sale systems


Using card readers with your mobile devices

Key Entry

Key entering their transactions over the phone

Keep Business Relevant to Your Customers

The payments industry changes often, sometimes so drastically that it can be difficult for businesses to stay up to date in terms of payment options. Sphere helps partners stay relevant through its industry-leading payments expertise and unrivaled technological capabilities.

We bring the latest and greatest in payment innovation and let our customers focus running their business. 

Sphere is always evolving, always solving to keep your business relevant to your customers with our recognized payment expertise and unrivaled technological capabilities.

Delivering Flexible & Convenient Payment Solutions for Parking, Fare Collection, Tolls, and Ticketing

We support online, in-app, one time, or recurring payments with safe storage of payment data for installment payment plans.

Accepting Credit and Debit Cards Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated or Costly With Sphere

Our 1,000+ solutions can be combined to customize the perfect end-to-end payment capability for your business needs: