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Give your policy holders more secure ways to pay

Insurance is all about building trust and letting your policy holders know that you have their back. With Sphere, you can deliver on that promise. As the industry leader in offering comprehensive and secure payments technology and solutions, Sphere enables you to accept all forms of payment across multiple channels (mobile, call center, online, field office) which gives your clients the convenience of an anytime, anywhere payment platform.  In return, you can streamline your business processes, reduce your exposure to cyberattack and offload your PCI compliance responsibility.

Sphere has successfully worked with many of the largest healthcare and insurance providers in the world. We understand the unique data security needs and the heightened security compliance requirements of these industries where trust is at the core of the relationship.

Streamlined integration. Secure solutions

Our custom payment solutions can easily tie into your systems and will accommodate multiple integration points including IVR, POS, online, mobile, kiosk, ERP platforms, software management applications G/L accounting systems and more.

Payments and technology are our areas of expertise, but security is part of our DNA. So, we go through more rigor to provide secure data transition at every point using industry-leading encryption and tokenization. We can secure your data as it transits from multi-channel points of origin, protect it at rest within our PCI-compliant environment, and ensure the highest level of data security throughout the payments lifecycle. Plus, through our direct connections to the card associations,

Enhanced analytics is a game changer

The customer experience is all about giving your customers more than they expect.  Sphere’s enhanced analytics and reporting give you faster access to more comprehensive customer data, so you can deliver faster, more tailored solutions to keep them happy and maximize the ROI of a more agile digital platform.

At the point of payment, our flexible, user-friendly reporting platform allows you to append up to 100 custom, transaction discretionary data fields. From there you can capture and immediately access the data through our fully customizable, real-time “Query API” capability at either the transactional or daily batch level. Now the supplemental data that is essential to enhancing your relationship with your customer, is securely embedded into the payment transaction lifecycle to use today, tomorrow or whenever you need.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces error-prone manual processes
  • Seamlessly integrates into existing systems
  • Expands variety of payments accepted from policyholders
  • Offers powerful and flexible reporting