Sphere Featured in Pymnts.com

Pymnts.com recently featured insights from Ryne Natzke, Senior Vice President of Growth and Strategy at Sphere and Clint Vernon, Chief Executive Officer of MessageDesk.

Below is an excerpt:

The text message was not an invention that had business communication in mind when it emerged decades ago, but companies of all verticals and sizes today find SMS and MMS messaging technology to be a useful tool to connect with customers.

With remote communication technology growing increasingly important, text messaging has become another potential path to revenue. But as with many accounts receivable (AR) workflows, while sending an invoice to a customer via text message can bring about convenience on both ends of a transaction, the process does not necessarily guarantee timely or friction-free payment.

recent tie-up between B2B messaging SaaS firm MessageDesk and payments technology firm Sphere aims to further diminish the gap between businesses and their customers, and between invoicing and payments.

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