Simplicity Rules

Deliver a better way to integrate software-based financial solutions for smoother & more secure payment experiences.

Always Evolving, Always Solving

We have solutions for businesses interacting with customers in any sales environment, we accept payments in a variety of ways and gives their customers the flexibility to pay in the way that they prefer.


Sphere uniquely solves the most difficult part of a transaction, integrating within the EMR pr POS solution giving their clients the ability to choose which payment processor they want to use.


Sphere clients have the utmost flexibility to change their processors at their discretion without disrupting their point of sale integrations and capabilities.


Sphere delivers provider solutions for improved efficiency, secure integrations and one platform with limitless flexibility.

Our Platforms

While Sphere was founded in 2017, we offer strategic benefits to our partners and customers of three businesses that have been established for over 20 years.

The leading healthcare gateway and merchant processing provider with native EHR integrations at large integrated delivery networks (IDNs) and acute care facilities.

A fully integrated suite of patient engagement software solutions to streamline the patient experience while driving patient payment yield.

A leading digital fundraising platform offering nonprofits a platform designed to increase online donations and payments.