Call Center Payments Done Right

Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) payment acceptance is an important channel for many markets, including healthcare, municipalities, transportation and many more. With Sphere’s highly secure MOTO payment acceptance solutions you can take the worry out of every transaction and create more opportunities to profit. With fully integrated solutions and access to industry leading end-to-end payment capabilities, it’s instant MOTO mojo that will keep you moving forward.

Sphere’s web-based virtual terminal and reporting solution can be used for processing one-time, recurring, or installment payments for credit, debit, and ACH/electronic check transactions. Feature rich, our virtual terminal allows you to:

  • Batch upload individual or bulk transactions
  • Set up recurring billing
  • Reduce PCI scope

Sphere supports all your payment acceptance needs (i.e. card present, ecommerce, etc.) with access to consolidated data and reporting through our gateway.

Encryption and tokenization means confidence with every call.

Don’t let risk frighten you away from growing your business.  Instead, keep your call centers and back office protected using encrypting key pads and tokenization. Sphere’s Secure Reading and Exchange of Data (SRED) devices encrypt data at the point of entry so sensitive cardholder information is never stored or processed on your network. For recurring or subscription-based payments, Sphere’s proven tokenization solution replaces cardholder data with a unique identifier, which keeps customers protected from digital data breaches.

Sphere’s solutions are rooted in security and when it comes to keeping your business safe, we mean business.  With encryption, tokenization and other innovative security features, we help lower your PCI DSS scope and increase confidence with every call.

A virtual world of opportunities

Sphere’s smart, cutting-edge payment technology allows you to do virtually everything, virtually.  Our easy-to-use software is also easy-to-install so you can be up and running in no time, accepting payments and conducting a host of other customized, payment management functions without the need for a traditional POS terminal.

The virtual terminal supports User Administration so you can create, edit, and manage users and their roles.  With the ability to set user permissions, you define who has access to Transaction Processing, Batch, and Reporting capabilities.

We answer the call for exceptional customer service

When you have questions, we have immediate answers. Behind every service call is a specialist who knows the space and has the knowledge to get you the answers you need when you need them. Problems don’t get solved on hold, and Sphere has the experience and know-how to make things happen when you need solutions most.