Developer-friendly payments

Your task is to integrate payments into your products or environment. Our job is to make it easy. Regardless of the payments path, Sphere gives you instant end-to-end capabilities, industry leading technology, elite-level security and the most knowledgable payments experts in the business so you can give your customers more of what they need to profit and prosper.
Sphere provides several integration methods to fully support the ways your customers pay:

  • Full API
  • Hosted Payment Page
  • Transparent Redirect
  • Batch Upload
  • Semi-Integrated Solutions (for card present)Leveraging our easiest hosted payment integration method, you can be accepting payments in no time, online or from your mobile phone.
    Accept all major payment types, including: credit cards, debit cards, PIN-less debit, ACH/electronic check payments, purchase card (Level II and Level III) processing, and more.
  • Supports online, mail order/telephone order, point of sale (POS), and/or mobile payments
  • Process one time or recurring payments
  • Access comprehensive payment reporting for easier reconciliation

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Committed to providing you more

We’re more than developer-friendly, were developer-dedicated. Our success is founded on our commitment to the developer community and our solutions are tailored to help you help your clients grow their business.  It’s a win/win situation that also helps you reap more revenue. Integrate our payments solutions and expertise to your platform, and we can power results that work for everyone.

Sphere is agnostic, so you can choose your own processor, or we can provide full end-to-end merchant accounts capabilities. It’s your choice!

For Integrated Software Vendors who are integrating payments into their software product, you can easily add merchant services capability as well. With our frictionless, online merchant application, it’s convenient and effortless.

APIs & SDKs make your job simpler

We’re excited to work with developers who know their stuff.  We offer APIs for the most popular web development platforms, including PHP, Perl and many others, and we never stop rolling with the tech punches to keep you on the cutting edge. You’ll love the flexibility of our APIs, the multiple languages we support and the simplicity of integrating with our solutions.

From developer guides to APIs to training videos, we provide a breadth of technical resources to make integrating easy. With our established community you can readily find the resources and code you need.  Get started today! Request a Sandbox Account to Explore Technical Resources.

Instant processing power

By taking advantage of our easy-to-use APIs, developers and merchants can process to numerous major US-based processing platforms and send funds to nearly all US-based merchant banks.

We answer the call for exceptional customer service

When you have questions, we have immediate answers. Behind every service call is a specialist who knows the space and has the knowledge to get you the answers you need when you need them. Problems don’t get solved on hold, and Sphere has the experience and know-how to make things happen when you need solutions most.